Current Schedule

Spring Term 2016 – Spatial Networks: Aesthetics

Meeting 1

(WK 3) Wednesday 27th January

1-2 pm – MR3 County Main

Seeing in the Dark: Aesthetics and Subterranean Narratives

Session led by Frank Pearson 

poster 1.jpg

Meeting 2

(WK5) Wednesday 10th February

1-2 pm, MR1 County Main

Object and Social Relations: George Eliot, Schiller and Lingis

Session led by Jo Carruthers

L&W 2

Meeting 3

(WK 7) Wednesday 24th February

1-2 pm, MR3 County Main

Empty Roads: Walking After Catastrophe

Session led by Andrew Tate


Autumn Term 2015 – Affective Networks

Meeting 1
(WK 2)  Wednesday 14th October
1-2 pm – MR1 County
 Affective Networks: Introduction to Affect Theory 
Berberich, Christine, Campbell, Neil, Hudson, Robert ‘Affective Landscapes: An Introduction’ Cultural Politics, 9:3 (2013), pp. 313-322
Ahmed, Sara, ‘Happy Objects’ (pp. 29-51):
Meeting 2
(WK 5) Wednesday 4th November
1-2 pm – Mobilities Lab (Department of Sociology – Bowland North, rooms B19 and B20)
Joint Session with the Mobilities Reading Group Led by Jo Carruthers on J. D. Dewsbury’s article ‘Non-representational landscapes and the performative affective forces of habit: from ‘Live’ to ‘Blank’’. 
Dewsbury, JD 2015, ‘Non-representational landscapes and the performative affective forces of habit: from ‘Live’ to ‘Blank’’. Cultural Geographies, vol 22., pp. 29-47.
Untitled (2)
Meeting 3
(WK 7) Wednesday 18th November 
1-2 pm – MR1 County
Jenn Ashworth on her forthcoming novel, Fell
For reading material please contact:
In the session, we will discuss some of the texts – from Ovid to planning permission documents about Morecambe Bay – that influenced Jenn Ashworth’s writing process for the novel and its relation to the networks of landscape and its inhabitantsJenn will also give a reading of an extract of her novel.

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