Previous Meetings

Summer Term 2013/14
7 May 2014. Dr Jo Carruthers (Lancaster) will lead us in a discussion of John Gillies’s essay ‘Space and Place in Paradise Lost‘ and selections from the book of Deuteronomy and the 11th book of Milton’s epic

15 May 2014. Dr Abbie Garrington (Newcastle) will present ‘Sublimity to Bathos: Literary Mountaineering’s Rise and Fall’, a selection from her monograph project High Modernism: A Literary History of Mountaineering, 1890-1945

21 May 2014. Mountain Legacies, an afternoon of talks with ‘Mountains in Mind’, an Exhibition of the Works of Susan Dobson

28 May 2014. Prof Stephen Wildman (Lancaster) will lead us on a tour of the Ruskin Library’s current exhibition, ‘This Mountain Paradise’: Ruskin on the Continent, 1835, and in a discussion about Ruskin’s 1835 poem ‘Journal of a Tour through France to Chamouni’.

11 June 2014. Prof Simon Bainbridge (Lancaster) will lead us in a discussion of Doug Robinson’s ‘The Climber as Visionary’ and selections from the works of William Wordsworth and S. T. Coleridge

Lent Term 2013/14
29 Jan. 2014. Prof Angus Winchester, ‘Names and Places’, selections from the writings of Tim Robinson and Alasdair Maclean

12 Feb. 2014. Dr Alex WIlkinson, ‘Ghosts, UFOs and a Place in the West’, selections from Susan Lepselter, Olga Tokarczuk and Deyan Enev

26 Feb 2014. Special Event on Thomas Hardy with papers by Prof Sally Bushell and Prof Roger Ebbatson

12 Mar. 2014. Carlos Quevedo, Brian Friel’s Translations and Seamus Heaney’s ‘Antaeus’ and ‘Hercules and Antaeus’

Michaelmas Term 2013/14
30 Oct. 2013. Lynne Pearce (Lancaster), ‘A Motor-Flight through early Twentieth-Century Consciousness: Capturing the Driving Event 1905-35’ and A. B. Filson Young’s The Complete Motorist (1904)

13 Nov. 2013. Angharad Saunders (South Wales), ‘The Spatial Event of Writing: John Galsworthy and the Creation of Fraternity’ and an excerpt from Galsworthy’s Fraternity (1909)

27 Nov. 2013.  Jo Carruthers (Lancaster) excerpts from Edward Thomas’s The Icknield Way and Robert Macfarlane’s The Old Ways

11 Dec. 2013. Brian Baker (Lancaster) ‘Haunted by Marshes: Iain Sinclair’s Essex’ and excerpts from Ian Sinclair’s London Orbital (2002)

Summer Term 2012/13
1 May 2013.  Jean Sprackland’s Strands (2007) and Robert Macfarlane’s The Old Ways (2012)

22 May 2013. T. Hugh Crawford’s ‘Networking the (Non)Human: Moby-Dick, Matthew Fontaine Maury, and Bruno Latour’ (1997) and Bruno Latour’s Latour’s ‘On Actor Network’

5 June 2013. Liz Oakley-Brown (Lancaster) Thomas Churchyard’s The Worthiness of Wales (1587) and Andrew McRae’s Literature and Domestic Travel in Early Modern England (2009)

26 June 2013. Katherine Baxter (Northumbria) Robert Sullivan’s voice carried my family (2005) and Bridget Orr’s ‘Maui and Orphic Blood’ (2008)

Lent Term 2012/13
21 March 2013. Damian Walford Davies’s ‘Mapping Borders: “Tintern Abbey” and Literary Hydrogaphy’, from Cartographies of Culture: New Geographies of Welsh Writing in English (Cardiff, 2012).


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